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DIY Neuroscience @ Forma Labs Saturday 18th July 2015

Come learn about DIY Neuroscience from Georgia Tech professor, Steve M. Potter!

Steve and his lab at Georgia Tech develop open source tools for neuro research, which is getting a whole lot cheaper thanks to initiatives like Backyard Brains who make tools for lay persons.

At this event, Steve will host a Q&A Discussion on Neuroscience: brains, nervous systems, memory, thought and action. Rather than a lecture, a guided conversation through neurology will introduce this amazing subject to an audience of interested persons (suggested age 13+, but no minimum age for an engaged participant) in an approachable, memorable way.

Steve will be packing a host of fascinating tools and kits that make the science of neurology more accessible:

  • “EMG Spiker Box”, to record muscle signals and show them on an oscilloscope phone app
  • “EMG Shield”, which sends muscle signals through an Arduino to a laptop for collection and processing
  • “EKG/EEG Shield”, which can record heart and brain signals; can be used to explore heart-brain connections, biofeedback, and heart-rate variability (HRV) monitoring.
  • “Muse EEG Headband”, with an accompanying meditation phone app.
  • “Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter” (with app) for doing breath pacing for relaxation and heart-rate variability metrics.”
  • “REM Dreamer”, a lucid dream induction device (used to cue a dreaming person to realise they are dreaming).

Steve is also happy to discuss his experience taking a year’s sabbatical to explore “Maker Culture” internationally, of which his visit to Cork is only one part.

The event is anticipated to run for 90 minutes, and participants are welcome to stay for a look around Forma Labs, Ireland’s first Biomakerspace, and to retire together to the award-winning Fenn’s Quay restaurant for coffee and lunch after.

(NB: This event is free, but please register only if you intend to attend)

Do you have questions about DIY Neuroscience @ Forma Labs? Contact Forma Labs, Ireland’s First Biomakerspace!


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